kisah gejolak jiwa & badan..

Posted: Saturday, June 17, 2006 in General

memang normal.. setiap kali nak race, malam sebelum race (mcm malam ni).. mcm2 perasaan wa rasa.. suspend memang dah confirm.. emmm.. entah la.. but end of the day.. lepas je habis race selalunya memang syok walaupun rasa mcm nak mampus.. kalah or menang citer lain.. janji habis.

tubuh manusia ini kekadang lupa dia manusia.. hey musuh..!! berikan namamu sebenar.. ayuh tunjukkanlah wajahmu.. ayuh bentangkanlah permainanmu.. sedang kau tahu tahap mana ketahananku.. apa yang kau mahu dari jiwa ini..??

taken from nomad website.. 

Race Format and Disciplines

We figure 3 1/2 to 4 hours for the winning team and 6 hours for the last team on this breathtaking course.

Mountain biking

The mountain biking on this race course will be demanding section with opportunities for fast teams to suck the field along. Expect steep uphills where you may have to get off and push, some nice single track riding and varied terrain worthy of an adventure race of this caliber.

Running / On foot

Again there will be the opportunity for a fast race here for the fleet of foot. There are probably more road running sections than we normally have on our adventure races, but what a road it is! Hee Hee Hee. All will be revealed on race day! Otherwise there is some good jungle bashing where you may be crying for your leech socks.

Rope Work

The course will also feature one of the tallest waterfall climbs we have ever set up and a nice scenic abseil. The ropes sections of the race course are well spaced to minimize waiting on the rope sections.

Bamboo Rafting

Yes, there will be an exciting, long and testing whitewater section on the race. It's a couple of km of continuous Grade 2 rapids with standing waves and swift fast-flowing water. The bamboo rafts are stable, surprisingly fast and require utmost vigilance to steer. In other words they are like standing/ squatting/ sitting on a freight train and you have to use your poles early and energetically to steer the beast! It’s tremendous FUN and this will definitely be the highlight of the race course. Oh yes, you will need to finish the rafting section with at least 95% of the bamboo raft, so you might want to bring some string with you!

bandit @ bulat last minute keluar dari team.. dia kata dia "tertekan".. dia takut team tak dapat habiskan race disebabkan dia tak fit. so, steve @ ironman replace bandit.. skg wa pulak yg stress.. sebab steve fit gilaaa.. mampus ooo nak ikut pace dia.. hahaha..


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