malaysia’s triathlon forum

Posted: Thursday, July 6, 2006 in General

korang suka swim?? korang suka kayuh basikal?? korang suka lari?? or suka buat semua benda stim tu.. click gambar kat atas tu & register cepat.. bukan kena bayar pun.. korang boleh bersuka ria kat situ.. hihihi.. boleh la exchange pendapat korang.. tanya apa2 yg tak tahu or confuse.. tengok or letak gambar race.. info pasal coming soon punya race.. dan mcm2 lagi lah..

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    Not really a tourist trap. There are a lot of locals there now with all the new people living downtown. Our family enjoys the music and boat watching and even find a few good deals here and there. Boat rides are cheaper than any major city I’ve been to and just walking around, spending no money, can be family fun. If you haven’t been downtown lately, it is changing by the week. Brickell Citicenter will be a great addition and is breaking ground in June. This isn’t your grandparents Miami any longer.

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