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Posted: Monday, October 30, 2006 in General


from azwar’s blog (dengan izin tuan tanah kedaung)

Putrajaya Nite Triathlon

Its official.

There will be a Putrajaya triathlon race. (Name yet to be confirmed)

Date is 16th December (Saturday) 2006.

It will be a night triathlon format (a very first in Malaysia – OH I’M SOOO SEXCITED!!)

Format is the swim will start at 6:30pm. So by the time we get out of the water it should be dark.

We want to avoid swimming in darkness coz its denjeres. Unless ada spotlight. Wat lake got spotlight tell me.

As we know Putrajaya roads are the safest in Malaysia (sapa tak setuju?). Almost zero traffic at night N very well lit. So there should be no problems during the bike N run.

Due to safety N time constraints… there will be no Olympic distance…. but the format will look something like this :

1K – 30K – 7K

Plus due to lack of sponsors, there might not be any prize money… only hampers (i believe this part only applies for the pros hihi)

Plus after the race there will be abit of a party N dancing N enjoy2.

Wats surprising to know is my name is on top of the Organizing Commitee.. HAHAHAHHA. Dont worry, I’ll try to make this the most happening race yet. Any fresh ideas for the race is much appreciated. Please email me

Oh yeah…. this will be the first race to be organized by Triathlon Association of Kuala Lumpur (TAKL). Ehem…. other states please wake up.

So guys.. the year 2006 is not over yet!! Get back into training!!

Stay tuned for more updates of this historic race. N please spread the word around.

  1. stupe says:

    bacin – kat lake putrajaya tuh ada ikan toman besar peha aku…

  2. bacin says:

    stupe : ikan tu suka mkn org yg byk isi mcm kau hihihi.. pempuan pun dia suka gak :p

  3. Aini says:

    bacin: jahat!!!!

  4. Faie says:

    Bacin, nko masuk tak ??

  5. bacin says:

    faie : aku try to join.. lepas powerman gi belajar swim lagi

  6. stupe says:

    bacin – biasa ikan toman suka yang tak berlemak…kira kau la jadi mangsa.

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