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Posted: Saturday, December 9, 2006 in Uncategorized

Ivan Basso Joins Discovery Chennel

Ivan Basso will be riding with the Discovery Channel team in the coming 2007 season, Johan Bruyneel, the team’s director announced today. Basso has signed a two-season contract with Tailwind Sports, which owns the Discovery Channel Pro Cycling Team.

  Ivan Basso.

“We are excited about Ivan joining the team,” Bruyneel said, “and we’re looking forward to having him at Discovery Channel’s training camp in Austin on December 3.”

Bill Stapleton, General Manager of the Discovery Channel Pro Cycling Team, has grown to know Ivan as a chief rival of seven-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong. “On behalf of Tailwind Sports, Capital Sports & Entertainment and all of our sponsors, I am very excited to have Ivan as a part of the Team”, said Stapleton. “During Lance’s final Tour’s Ivan pushed Lance to a new level and we expect great things from him in 2007.”

 alamakkk.. salah orang daaa.. yg ni baru betul.

The Italian Cycling Federation on 27 October 2006 dropped an inquiry into Basso’s alleged involvement in the Spanish “Operacion Puerto” investigation following the Italian Olympic Committee’s decision clearing him.

Ivan Basso has now been cleared by his country’s top governing sports organizations which examined more than 500 pages of documents and determined on the merits that not only is there no proof of any involvement in illegal practices, but there is no justification for bringing a disciplinary proceeding against Basso.

Billy Campbell, President of Discovery Networks U.S. commented on the signing, stating “Discovery Communications is proud to welcome Ivan Basso to the Discovery Channel Pro Cycling Team. Team Discovery is a truly world class organization with deep international focus. He is a tremendous talent who only enhances an already strong roster. We look forward to a successful and winning 2007 for the entire Discovery Channel team.”

p/s : yg baju merah tu dah join team SSCC.

  1. purpz says:

    wah, sakan ko pg semlm kat bkt tunku… penat aku feewiitt 40 kali.. caya la atas usaha2 padu mempertingkatkan longrun.. jgn biar aku lead nko lagi cam kat putrajaya aritu.. heheheheheh.. jgn mare “ivan bakso”, nanti kena jual!! 🙂

  2. kapchai carbon says:

    wah wah wah…. mengganas kau sekarang ye ivan bacin. mentang2 kau dah terrer swim kuak telanjang, ada hati nak join discovery team konon. tapi tak pe, kami ahli SSCC tetap mendoakan kejayaan kau. BANGLA boleh!!!!!!!

  3. Azman says:

    Pergh!! Lawa specs.

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