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Posted: Saturday, December 16, 2006 in General

SSCC Team expands to make way for additional specialist riders.

SSCC has announced a series of changes that have been made to the cycling team for 2007.

The team will be starting the new season with six riders consisting of 2 frontline sprinters, 2 specialist climbers and 2 domestique riders.

The new 2007 team is made up of…

Ally Acin (Team Sprinter)

Cin Tan Das (Team Sprinter)

Ziggy Ley Batch (Specialist Climber)

Acin Bakso (Specialist Climber and Team Leader)

Jack Twisted Batch (Domestique)

Bob Bacin (Domestique) 

“We are hoping, through the introduction of a larger team, with a cross section of specialities, that we will be able to improve on our year-on-year successes,” says Mr. Kwat Ken Cheng, SSCC team director. 

Adds Mr. Ken Cheng: “We have traditionally been perceived as a sprinting team and while this remains a core strength we anticipate, through the expansion of specialized skills, that we can change our current predictability.”

This year, the team will focus on a few major races such as Le Tour de Broga, Tour de Genting Sempah, Giro de PD and Tour de Ulu Langat.

  1. Amir says:

    Gila punya cintan diri sendiri..

  2. wendy says:

    bang, bleh kasi photoshop 1 gambar macam bob bacin tu ka?

  3. Aini says:

    HAHHAHA.. takde keje ke wey??!

  4. princessren says:

    haha gelak i tgk gambar u nih.. but i like the bob marley style.. cool siot 😀

  5. Faie says:

    Waaaaah, eh waaaaah. Gila punya cintan sama diri sendirik.

    Terrer jugak nko bab2 superimpose gambo nih ye? Ahahahah …

  6. Azman says:

    Pergh.. Bob Bacin tu cool siot…

  7. kapchai carbon says:

    si ally acin tu tak sakit tengkok ke time sprint nanti… rambut cam tu berat wooooo. si bob bacin tu plak confirm positive test air kencing, pesan kat dia nanti bawak air kencing spare time test nanti. aku confirm peminat setia SSCC, tukang pam tayar pon tak pe, janji dapat bersama ngan superstar (time makan siput sedut la…. time ride buang masa je sbb korang tu sumer hardcore sweeper)

  8. stupe says:

    cayala bacin, tapi maner nak dapat helmet aero untuk ally acin?

  9. ndaproverka says:

    HI! My name is Ndaproverka, and i search frend! 🙂

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