floyd plays the lance card

Posted: Thursday, May 24, 2007 in General

from bicycling newsletter..


Los Angeles, May 10, 2007

Floyd Landis said he was offered what amounted to a plea deal last August by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) to give up information on possible doping activities by seven-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong.

“It was offered to me that if I give up something on Lance Armstrong to incriminate him, I would serve the lightest possible suspension,” Landis said, at a Thursday press conference leading up to his arbitration hearing for doping charges starting Monday at Pepperdine Universtiy. “I found it to be offensive. And I think it goes to the character of the prosecution.”

Landis quickly added that he had “never” seen Lance do anything wrong or illicit and hoped that the focus of the upcoming proceedings would remain “about science and a doping hearing.”

“That’s what I have been accused of,” he said.

According to sources contacted by Bicycling, USADA lawyer Travis Tygart approached Landis’ lawyer, Howard Jacobs, in August, 2006, with a deal that would allow Floyd to serve a “shorter sentence that would allow him to race in the 2007 Tour” if he would give up “bigger names” and accept his suspension.

 When pressed at the Thursday call as to whether or not the bigger name in question was definitely Lance Armstrong, Landis said, “Yes.”

Landis said he flatly refused the deal and sources close to him said he couldn’t understand why prosecutors would expect him to accept a deal when he was innocent. From his perspective, USADA was trying to use him as a pawn to get to someone else and didn’t really care if he was guilty or innocent.

Landis and his defense team reiterated several times their disgust with the offer and their opinion that it points to the character of the prosecution that they will do anything they can to bring guilty verdicts on the biggest names in sport.

Armstrong held a press conference following Floyd’s. According to the Trust But Verify blog, he was furious with USADA and had no ill will towards Floyd for bringing this proposed deal to light. Read more from Lance’s press conference.

Lance Armstrong has always maintained his position that he never took any kind of performance enhancing drug, always claiming that he “was the most tested athlete in the world.”

Landis’ hearing before a panel of three arbitrators begins May 14.

  1. Aini says:

    aku malas nak baca panjang2 ni.. lagipun, aku tak berapa pandai bahse omputih ni..

    buleh tolong buat rumusan skit tak?

  2. jaja says:

    terserlah hikmat ‘cut and paste’

  3. Aini says:

    fuh.. so maknanya Lance ni memang truly strong ler! takyah amik drug pun kayuh laju..

    cuba bayangkan kalo dia amik drug.. hehehe

  4. bacin says:

    aini : citer dia simple je.. si Landis ajak Lance kayuh.. tapi Lance memajang “kencing” si Landis – kaki sakit la.. tayar lupa nak pump la.. lupa bawak basikal la.. botal air tinggal kat kedai mamak la.. lupa beli powerbar la.. lupa nak berak la.. kucing dia sakit perut la & mcm2 lagi

    jaja : terang2 tulis “from bicycling newsletter”

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