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Posted: Monday, October 29, 2007 in General

training.. 22nd October to 28th October 2007.

Isnin – lepak.
Selasa – swim @ Bukit Jalil.
100m x 5 (warm up)
500m x 2 (with hand paddle & pull buoy)
500m x 2 (with pull buoy)
100m x 2 (kicking using kickboard)
100m x 2 (cool down)
Rabu – bike & run @ gym.
bike 1hr : 31km
run 25min : 4km
Khamis – swim @ Bukit Jalil.
100m x 2 (warm up)
2km x 1 (56min 50s)
pace sesedap rasa :p
1km split – 27min 47s & 29min 02s
100m x 2 (cool down)
Jumaat – run @ Tasik Titiwangsa.
10km : 52min
Sabtu – bike @ Kuala Klawang.
135km. average 26km/h. total riding time 5hrs 15min.
Ahad – trail running @ Gunung Nuang.
hihihi.. few km aje run. lepas tu jejalan makan angin :p
from parking to Kem Lolo : 55min
lepak & makan treple threat yg paling sedap didunia ini : 5min
Kem Lolo to Kem Pacat : 50min
Kem Pacat terus ke parking : 1hr 35min
aduhhh.. kena tinggal jauh beb

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