happy chinese new year to all my chinese friends

Posted: Sunday, February 3, 2008 in General

next week after CNY wa start taper. pastu wa nak concentrate kat swimming.

before taper wa plan nak ikut menu si Adzim mcm kat bawah tu tapi menu dia ni kena repair sikit.. gila ke nak panjat Gohtong time mcm ni hihihi.. siapa berminat – jom.

Thursday: HOA – Genting Sempah – Bentong – Tranum – Frasers Gap – KKB – Ulu Yam – Gohtong – Genting Sempah – HOA (very hard hilly 190 km)

Friday: Home – Putrajaya – Home (easy flat 76 km)

Saturday: Batu 14 – Kuala Klawang – Batu 14 (medium-hard hilly 120 km)

Sunday: MTDC Bangi – Banting – MTDC Bangi (medium-hard flat 160 km)

Key to success: Don’t hammer each ride. Fuel properly during ride and post-ride. This is not a weight loss exercise but volume and aerobic capacity buiilding exercise. Put feet up after every ride and get sufficient rest.

19 days left..

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