off to Langkawi.. wish me luck!

Posted: Tuesday, February 19, 2008 in General

ni bukan lagi weekly ride or training announcement..

ni bukan cobaan.. ini betul-betul..

menu : 3.8km swim – 180km bike – 42km run
time : 7.30am
venue : Kuah, Langkawi
cut-off time : 17hrs

steady bacin.. bohong la if kata tak nervous.. but lu relax je bacin. lu dah training so just do it !!!

  1. jaja says:

    time swim, boleh draft punya, no problemmm

  2. S says:

    Great job – all your diligent training every day pays off. No more MarlboroMan, you da IronMan now! S

  3. z says:


  4. stupe says:

    Ironman – congrats! So this saturday kita buat frasers ke?

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