Rat Race & Ekiden Run 2008

Posted: Sunday, August 31, 2008 in General

Celcom hantar 3 teams (1 team 5 org). this year ada 140 teams.

Another new record was set with the participation of 140 teams of five runners each from local and foreign, private and public-listed companies with a total contribution of RM1,755,000 . In 2007, 116 teams took time out to run for this good cause and helped raise RM1,563,000.

Celcom supporter pun ramai gak

hehehe.. individual open category wa dapat no. 54

kecewa tak menang lucky draw.. TV LCD 32″ 4 biji & 42″ sebiji.. mcm2 jenis ipod 8 biji arghhh.. and banyak lagi laaa.. tension tension..

rat race ni ari Selasa. 2 ari before tu, ari Ahad ada Ekiden Run kat Putrajaya. 1 team ada 5 org. kena run relay 15km. so sorang +/-3km aje. wa punya team 1st runner Dicky, 2nd Bacin, 3rd Alwin, 4th Akmal & 5th Shakhir. team ni dapat no.14.

Mejar & anak buah dia – gang Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia (UPNM).


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