Blog apa ni?


eemm.. entah la!! wa tak pandai nak menulis laa.. but still wa nak share something yg wa rasa menarik utk di share and most of all – let’s the photos do the talking.

kat blog ni gak wa just nak share wa punya idea or opinion (kalau ada la).. pastu nak share sikit lebih kurang wa punya experience kat sesiapa yg sudi. wa bukan cuba nak influence sesapa.. just nak tulis what and how i feel or think about everything. if korang suka baca blog yg tak seberapa ni, korang datang la melawat selalu.. but if korang tak suka, wa pun tak leh buat apa2.. wa pun tak kisah. bukannya wa yg paksa lu datang sini. suka hati lu laaa.. lu dah besar..!!! and one more thing, this is my blog.. suka wa la nak buat apa pun.. lu mana sakit?? hahaha.. roger & out.

  1. poyo says:

    woi bacin…ngabihkan boreh jo ekau ni..wakakkakakakakkakaak

  2. raidah says:


    I really love your MUSIC. semalam 1st time i dengar. my request, boleh tak u masukkan lagu Black Pearl Jam dalam list playlist u?


  3. bacin says:

    poyo : boreh banyak carbohydrate hihihi..

    raidah : thanks.. dah masuk!!

  4. GoGolfer says:

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  5. zamri says:

    wa caya sama lu. u aktiviti very fit. truskan…not like me, pam2 jela. however, actualy wa dlu pernah blajor kat CA ni 1997,2004 pas tu xde lgi, sbab vss.

  6. wan says:

    keep on movin………….yuhuuuuu

  7. cik ros aka Jaja says:

    Cik bacin,

    Need your help to pass this to any of ur contacts. Join tau!!

    Mountain to Mountain Challenge 2009

    Date: 5th April 2009
    Zon 1
    Location: Gunung Nuang,Pangsun,Hulu Langat, Selangor.
    Date: 5th July 2009
    Zon 2
    Location: Gunung Besar Hantu,Kuala Kelawang, Negeri Sembilan.
    Date: 8th November 2009
    Zon 3
    Location: Gunung Bujang Melaka,Kampar, Perak.
    Organized by: Persatuan Kembara Negara (NAA)
    Contact persons:
    En. Dindera Billah (013-376 3698)
    En. Ahmad Reduan (019-250 0022)

  8. Tini says:

    Tahun ni Celcom sponsor Rat Race 2009 as Gold sponsor. Tak nak lari lagi ke? Kita boleh hantar 3 team lagi. Harap2 tahun ni boleh menang.

    Selection of team mungkin diterajui oleh Corp Comm & CHR mcm last year. Enteprise bayar duit je 🙂

    Kalau ada aktiviti2 lasak, share ye coz I mmmg minat.


  9. Gilbert says:

    I am Gilbert Chee from Rotaract club of Taylor’s University College.

    Currently, we are organizing a charity event, and we hope that you could help us post our event flyer as well as a short description on your blog.

    I’m sorry to post this on your chatterbox as i couldn’t find your email address.

    Please do drop me a email if you are interested in knowing more of the details.

    Thank you

    Gilbert Chee

  10. Harry says:

    Hi, I came across your site and wasn’t able to get an email address to contact you about some broken links on your site. Please email me back and I would be happy to point them out to you.
    Harry Roger

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