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Conquered Mount Kinabalu Again..

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but this time i bring along my family..

Mount Kinabalu is a prominent mountain on the island of Borneo in Southeast Asia. It is located in the East Malaysian state of Sabah and is protected as Kinabalu National Park, a World Heritage Site – Wikipedia

oh well.. let the photos do the talking

fresh start at Mersilau Gate around 8am, 24th November 2012

still smiling at 5km mark

T junction.. right – descending for Timpohon Gate & left – ascending to Laban Rata & the summit

yesss.. 6km done! another 2km to go

500m to go! steep – steeper – steepest

take 5! last 1km to the resthouse

we arrived Laban Rata almost 5pm – located at 3,272 metres above sea level (+/-3km before summit), Laban Rata offers climbers warm lodgings & hot meals before & after climbing to the peak.

Laban Rata Resthouse 3,272 meters above sea level

dinner & supper before start climbing to the peak at 2:30am

beautiful sunset at the resthouse

we reached at the peak of Mount Kinabalu after 4 hours climbing. Aina 1st to reached the summit… she cried! happy tears & also she couldn’t stand the cool weather and the strong winds

The highest point, Low’s Peak (4,095.2 meters) @ 6am, 25th November 2012

descending.. my wife with Alexandra Peak (4,003 meters) at the background

Hafiz – my eldest with Oyayubi Iwu Peak, Alexandra Peak & Dewali Pinnacles at the background during descending

descending.. at 8km mark & South Peak (3,922 meters) at the background

Donkey Ears Peak (4,054 meters)

descending the steep mountain slope

the longggggg steep slope!

going up is tough.. going down is more tougher – ok take 5!

still descending..

ok take another break..

not to forget.. we doing the same thing during ascending at 3am!! dark & with the strong winds

and still..

we arrive at the resthouse about 10am.. after breakfast we continue another 4 hours hiking to the Timpohon Gate i.e. the trail end.

Where’s My Insects or Spider or ??

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Extention Tubes Update – version 8.0

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unknown spider in my backyard.

from this view..

from that view..

backside view hehehe..

Extention Tubes Update – version 7.0

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i’m targeting the nikkor 105mm micro lens for my dedicated macro photoshoot hmmm.. but it’s too expensive!! still waiting my piggy bank to be full OR maybe the nikkor 60mm micro will do :p

in the meantime – let’s make love again! hihihi..

Extention Tubes Update – version 6.0

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tried so many times taking photos face to face with this dragonfly.. all fails! until today this is the only best shot i have :p

Extention Tubes Update – version 5.0

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taking photos of hover bees or insect in flight is very difficult!!! i’m using manual focus and it’s hard to get my subject in focus emmm.. or maybe i’m too slow for this ;p

Macro Around Mabul/Kapalai/Sipadan Island

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Nudibranch @ Chromodoris Annae



Nudibranch @ Chromodoris

Nudibranch @ Chromodoris

Pseudobiceros Bedfordi @ Flatworms

Nudibranch @ Chromodoris

Phyllodesmium Briareum

Nudibranch @ Chromodoris

Polyclad Flatworms


Nudibranch @ Chromodoris

Ardeadoris Egretta @ Nudibranch

Ardeadoris Egretta @ Nudibranch

Nudibranch @ Chromodoris Kuniei

Mabul/Kapalai/Sipadan Island

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some memorable photo collection from my recent diving trip..

this is my 1st time shooting a video. disregard dry land or underwater! so does the video editing hahaha.. maybe i will stick with photography.

this video taken during our short diving trip around Mabul, Kalapai & Sipadan Island on 12th July to 15th July 2012.

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